new MekHQ development snapshot 0.3.7

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the first co-ordinated MekHQ release built along with MegaMek and MegaMekLab.

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.33

Hello everyone,

MegaMekLab release. Only change is updating the MegaMek.jar for compatibility purposes.

v0.1.33 (2014-12-14 19:15 UTC)
+ Update MegaMek.jar to 0.39.4

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.39.4 - 0.40.0 RC2

Hey all,

Here's the latest MegaMek development release. Enjoy!

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.32

Hello everyone,

To pair with our latest MegaMek release, here is a new MegaMekLab as well. Again, a small changelog, but at least there are a couple fixes in this one.

v0.1.32 (2014-12-05 2:50 UTC)
+ Print RW and LW instead of RS and LS on aerodyne smallcraft
+ Bug: BA Ammo showing up for non-BA weapons
+ Bug [#129]: criticals remaining display bug
+ MegaMek.jar update to 0.39.3 release

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.39.3 - 0.40.0 RC1

Hello everyone,

We're proud to announce the latest development snapshot. It has a nice plethora of bugfixes, new features, and new data. Enjoy!

PS. This is also our first RC for the next stable!

New MekHQ Release 0.3.6

Hello, all. It has been far too long since we have had an official MekHQ release, but now we finally have one and you can get it on the download page. I can't take much credit on this one as it has been Ralgith who has been keeping the flame alive and squashing bugs. Monstrously long changelog below.

EDIT: I just wanted to add a bit of credit and a huge thanks to Neoancient for his work on the AtB Code! Good job mate! And Welcome to the Team - Dylan (ralgith)

Change in SourceForge tracker policies for MegaMek

Due to a recent discussion among the staff, we have decided on a change in policy regardnig our sourceforge ticket tracking systems. We have switched the abilty to create new tickets and post comments from anonymous to authenticated (registered sourceforge members, logged in). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

MegaMek & Associated Projects Staff

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.31

Hey all,

A new release. There isn't much here, just keeping it updated to match against the latest MegaMek.

v0.1.31 (2014-09-27 23:51 UTC)
+ Updated MegaMek.jar to r11273
+ Updated MegaMek.jar to 0.39.2

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.39.2

Hello everyone,

We're proud to announce the latest development snapshot. It has a nice plethora of bugfixes, new features, and new data. Enjoy!

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.30

Hey guys,

It's release day, so here's the latest MegaMekLab built against the just released MegaMek.

The Team

v0.1.30 (2014-08-26 15:43 UTC)
+ Warning Fix: Suppressed several warnings related to unused private methods for printing
+ Warning Fix: Typed everything that was untyped for JDK7+ compatibility
+ Bug: BattleArmor Weapon Sorter was using int when it needed float
+ Patch [#5]: Bug: AMS not showing up in equipment tab.


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